Landed Cost Feature for Importers
Monday, 19 March 2012 10:35

Importing an item usually involves extended supply chain costs in addition to the purchase price of the item such as freight, taxes, insurance, handling, etc. These costs typically add a substantial amount to the item’s purchase price and have a material impact in the company’s financial position and supply chain.

With the Rosetta Enterprise landed cost feature, you have the facility to easily gather estimated and actual landed cost and compute for the corresponding variances keeping your item costs in-check and your inventory financial accounts up-to-date.

Landed cost is a powerful feature of Rosetta Enterprise that allows you to capture the extended costs that commonly transpires from imported purchases. With landed cost, you are given the flexibility to associate the extended costs back to each item and more accurately compute for its cost.
However, most software products do not have the ability to properly execute the application of landed costs since actual invoices arrive at much later time. Purchased items can already be used or sold without even taking into account the extended landed costs.

With the Rosetta Enterprise landed cost feature, you have the ability to specify the estimated landed cost before the actual invoices arrive. Landed cost estimates are provided upon purchasing your item making sure that upon receipt of your item, your inventory costs are close to their actual costs to prevent large cost understatements.

Manually capturing and tracking landed costs is inefficient and sometimes impossible with existing software packages. With Rosetta Enterprise landed cost feature, you have the necessary tools to provide more visibility on your supply chain’s current liabilities and landed cost units.


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