Canvassing for Purchase Orders
Monday, 19 March 2012 11:35

As purchase requisitions for items are approved and assigned to purchasing staff, choosing the best supplier to source the item is vital in order to satisfy the requestor’s item requirement while optimizing the use of company cash resources.

With the Rosetta Enterprise canvassing feature, purchasing staff can easily enter and compare supplier quotations. Canvassing allows you to define the criteria for choosing the best supplier that can include the supplier terms, price, and any additional service such as product warranty.

Paper-based approvals are no longer needed where online canvass sheets can be approved online. Purchase orders can be generated based on the approved canvass to speed up purchase order processing.

With the Rosetta Enterprise canvassing feature, you can quickly view the canvass details from purchase orders with just one mouse-click. Supplier quotation information and the corresponding criteria and reason for the selection are available online for easy reference.


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